About Us

Oriental Max Group, a Penang based property developer was founded in 1994. Since its inception, we have been actively involved in property development in Penang and the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Our astounding success and achievements over the past 20 years have established us as a reputable property developer.

''Oriental Max'' has became a household name renowned not only for its reliability in the Penang property market but also as a property developer led by a team of experienced management to excel through innovation, commitment, and hard work. Our success is mainly attributed to our strong beliefs in upholding governance, integrity and corporate social responsibility, hence, serving to fulfill our obligations to our customers and stakeholders. Throughout the years, we have successfully developed and completed numerous projects varying from landed residential properties and high-rise residences to commercial mixed developments.

Our relatively affordable prices coupled with attractive and sustainable design have become a symbolic opportunity to the first time buyer and people of Penang, which takes on a whole new meaning of ''a place to call home''. Every effort has been made to ensure that we exceed the expectations of our customers. As a reputable developer, our core values are to fully integrate excellent products and services with high quality, mesmerizing outstanding design, timely completion and affordability, in line with a contemporary lifestyle.

Moving forward, we will be launching new promising projects as a continuity of the unwavering support and confidence in us.

Our Past Completed Projects

Take a look at our past completed Project

De Link
@ Taman Segar
De One Link
An Icon @ Bagan Lalang
De Mansion @ Orchard Villa
Mansion at Orchard Villa
Orchard Villa
More than a home
Focus Height
@ Balik Pulau
Mesra Permai
An Icon @ Ong Yi How Road